Research at MSKU

Research Opportunities

In accordance with its objectives, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University promotes both basic and applied research. The research activities and technical services carried out by the university aim to contribute to the advancement of knowledge; the development of professional and industrial practice on local, national, and international platforms; and the assessment of social and environmental impact.

Research is mainly initiated by the individual efforts of the academic staff and also includes some of the studies conducted in the form of thesis work by graduate students. Research takes place in both the departments of faculties and interdepartmentally.

The Institute of Educational Sciences, the Institute of Natural Sciences, and the Institute of Social Sciences provide research and publication facilities for successful graduates in their respective fields. The university also has thirteen research and application centres to address local, national, and international issues via research and development projects. The sponsored research activities are carried out either on the request of outside institutions or provided for them at the initiative of the university. The University Research Fund, organisations such as TÜBITAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey), DPT (The State Planning Organisation), and the EU also fund many research projects. The Scientific Research Projects Committee plays a prominent role during the application, evaluation, support, and publication processes of project proposals. 

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